Activity organizer

Some unexpected events might push you off track from your usual daily routine. You feel like you have a lot of time at your hands but you can't spend it with the activities you love.

Start adapting your life practice. You can browse a log of your activities, select the ones you want to change and restructure them to fit the new situation.

If you want to adapt your life practice, you can use this booklet created by our team of psychologists as a guide in this process.

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If you are in a rush, the booklet is waiting for you here

About Practice Living

We are a team of designers, innovators and psychologists who believe that life is like any other craftmanship: it develops by practice.

Sometimes many people deal with the same challenge on their own. We talk to them to understand how they adapt and design guides to help them help each other in practicing life.

After publishing our first booklet, we are looking for practices of life that can help more, if you want to co-create with us, send us the short story about a success in your recent life practice.